Fortitude Lodge No. 4017

Bro Morris Marks PM 2557 WM 3188 PPGSD Chaplain WM 4017
WBro Morris Marks PM 2557, PM 3188 PPGSD, Chaplain, WM 4017 PPGW

On June 18th 1919 at the first of five Founders meetings, W. Bro Edward Ward Watson, PPGD was elected Master Designate and took the chair at this and the three following meetings. At the fifth meeting on 30th December 1919, the Founders received the sad news of the sudden death of the Master Designate. W. Bro Morris Marks PPGW was then elected as Master Designate.

The ceremony of consecrating and dedicating took place  on 13th January 1920 at the Masonic Hall, 4, Edwin Street, Shields Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne. The firsts officers, as shown were duly appointed.

Seven members of Lodge Temperance 2557 had their names inserted on the Warrant, which was granted on 5th November, 1919 and they were”

Founding Member on Warrant Lodge Office
W. Bro Edward Ward Watson 2557 Departed Merit
W. Bro James Hope P.M. PAGDC 2557 Senior Warden
W. Bro Roderick Urquhart P.M 2557 Junior Warden
W. Bro John Harris 2557 Chaplain
W.Bro Morris Marks P.M. PPGW 2557 First Worshipful Master
W. Bro Frederick William Simon 2557 Director of Ceremonies
W. Bro Benjamin Mason P.M. 2557 Treasurer

The Brethren named below made up the total of 26 founders:

Founding Member Lodge Role
W. Bro William C. Crowe 3424 Asst Director of Ceremonies
Bro Joseph A. Pattinson 2557 Secretary
Bro Robert Hindmarsh 2557 Senior Deacon
Bro Thomas W. Brown 2557 Junior Deacon
Bro James W. Wilson 541 Assistant Secretary
Bro Joseph Whitfield 2557 Organist
Bro George Dibley 2557 Inner Guard
Bro George N. McGeorge 2557 Steward
Bro Joseph Elliott 2557 Steward
Bro Thomas W. Petrie 2557  
Bro William B. Davison 2557  
Bro John W. Watson 2557 Steward
Bro James Baker 2557  
Bro. Nathan Bergman 2557  
Bro John L. Cockburn 2557  
Bro William L. Cockburn 2557  
Bro James L. Cockburn 2557  
Bro Fred Brown 2557  
Bro Frank D. Best 2557  

The first candidates were proposed in the Lodge on the night of Consecration. They were Edward Watson, son of the late Master Designate W.Bro Edward Ward Watson, and Stanley Hope son of the first Senior Warden W. Bro. James Hope, PAGDC.

W.Bro Edward Ward Watson
W.Bro Edward Ward Watson. Late Master Designate, 4017
Petition of Fortitude Lodge 4017
Petition of Fortitude Lodge 4017

Unfortunately, Lodge Fortitude Lodge No. 4017  was erased in December 2015 due to decreased membership.

Photo of Bro Edward Ward Watson kindly provided by Shirley Hare, Granddaughter of Lodge Temperance 2557 Founding Member Bro Guy Hayler.

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