Masonic Miscellany


Here we will be adding items of Masonic interest that are not directly associated with Lodge Temperance 2557.

Wandering through local cemeteries, it’s surprising how many of the older headstones contain Masonic symbols, so we have started a collection of photos which you can find on our page of Masonic Headstones here.

High on Penshaw Hill, Sunderland sits the Earl of Durham’s Monument or more commonly known as Penshaw Monument. The foundation stone was laid by Thomas, Earl of Zetland, Grand Master of the free and accepted Masons of England. You can find our page on Penshaw Monument here .

With the many picturesque towns and villages in Northumberland there are sure to be many items of Masonic interest, so we’ve started a special page for Northumberland. One of our members has sent some photos for the start of our collection. You can see them here.

If you’ve seen anything relating to Freemasonry while out and about, perhaps on a grave when walking through your local cemetery, or on a building in your local town or village and would like to see it here, please send us a photo and let us know where it was taken and we’ll add it.

You can contact us by sending an email to W. Bro. Peter Walker here or leave a comment below.


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