2024 Craft Meetings

Lodge Temperance meets on the Third Tuesday of the month six times per year during the months of January, February, April, June, October and December as follows:

16 January (2nd Degree)
20 February (Lecture)
16 April (Talk)
18 June (Elections & talk)
15 October (Installation & 1st degree)
17 December (Christmas meeting and festive meal)

2024 Coach Meetings

Lodge Temperance holds coach meetings on the Second Thursday of the month as follows:

11 January (2nd Degree)
8 February (3rd Degree)
14 March (F&GP)
11 April (3rd Degree)
11 May (F&GP & 3rd Degree)
13 June (Elections & F&GP)
12 September (Fraternal Visit to Delaval Lodge)
10 October (Installation & 1st degree)
14 November (F&GP)
14 December (Christmas meal Planning)


W. Bro. K. Newman
Email: [email protected]