On 11th January 2020, Byker Masonic Hall was host to the consecration ceremony of Northumberland Province’s newest Lodge – The Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge of Northumberland No. 9981.

We’re very proud that our WM Wbro Dr Chris Tait is a founding member of this new Lodge.

This was the first consecration in the Province of Northumberland in over 12 years but did you know that Lodge Temperance 2557 was one of three Lodges consecrated on the same day – the first time so many Lodges had been made in the Province.

The annual meeting of the Provincial Grand Lodge was held on Wednesday, 30th October 1895, in the Grand Assembly Rooms, Barras Bridge,  Newcastle upon Tyne, presided over by the Right Hon. Sir Matthew White Ridley, Bart., M.P., Provincial Grand Master. Lodge Temperance 2557, Delaval 2568 and Holmes 2571 were then solemnly consecrated and duly constituted by the Right Worshipful Prov Grand Master assisted by the Worshipful Deputy Prov. Grand Master and the officers of Prov. Grand Lodge.

The Freemason’s Chronicle of 2nd November 1895 reported that this had never been done before: –

there was a very large attendance of Brethren from various parts of the county, so large, in fact, that the gallery at the end of the hall was utilised for the accommodation of members of the Craft.

The whole of the Lodges were exceedingly well represented, and probably one great cause of attraction was the desire to welcome the Provincial Grand Master on the high distinction conferred upon him in the councils of the nation, and the other, the fact of the consecration of three new Lodges; the belief being expressed that never before were so many Lodges made at the annual meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge.

The new Lodges consecrated were the Temperance, Delaval and Holmes. The order of ceremony was compiled and arranged by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master Bro. Ald. R. H. Holmes, and was of a very impressive character. The Provincial Grand Master installed Bro. John Walker Gibson as Worshipful Master of Temperance, Bro. George Wilson of  Delaval and Bro. S. Hudson of Holmes Lodge.

Another first for Lodge Temperance!

The Freemason 9th November 1895

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