Lodge Temperance 2557 was honoured to hold a special meeting on April 18th with a Provincial visit from the Provincial Grand Master of Northumberland RWBro Ian Craigs accompanied by a team of his Provincial Officers.

Successful ballots were held for joining member Wbro Nev Johnson of Deleval Lodge 2568 and two new candidates.

One of the candidates, Mr Adam Black was initiated into the mysteries and privileges of ancient Freemasonry by the Worshipful Master assisted by Past Masters. Well done to Bro Charles, JD, Bro Simon, JW, on his tools and charge and Bro Mark, SW.

A huge welcome to Freemasonry and in particular Lodge Temperance 2557 and we look forward to Bro Adam’s daily advancement in the craft.

RWBro Ian Craigs said he was really impressed by it all. Congratulations to all of our members who made the evening such a great success.

Keep checking back for all the latest from Lodge Temperance 2557.


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