World War 2 Roll of Honour

The 6th June 2019 will witness the 75th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings, a landmark anniversary for Britain and the world and the turning point of the Second World War. It was the largest seaborne invasion in history and it marked the beginning of the end of Nazi Germany and the first step in the road to Victory in the West.

To commemorate this anniversary we thought it appropriate to publish a list of those brethren in Lodge Temperance 2557 who were occupied in all forms of National Service during the War including the two Brethren who made the supreme sacrifice.

A letter to the Provincial Grand Secretary of Northumberland from WBro John Sowerby, Secretary, dated 7th November 1947 attached a list of the names and service of the forty three Brethren. 

Two members made the ultimate sacrifice Bro A. J. Clare and Bro A. B. Lattimer. Bro Anthony James Clare killed in action 16th March 1941 is also listed in our WW1 Roll of Honour and we know he was in the Merchant Navy rather than the Army as listed here. There is a link to his biography if you click on his name below.  Bro Alan Blacklock Lattimer was a Sergeant Observer on Vicker’s Wellingtons with 37 Squadron, RAF and killed in action on 16th November 1940.

Military service records after 1920 are only available to proven next of kin so it’s unlikely we’ll be able to identify any of their military information, but we’ll develop the list with full names and other relevant information where available.

WW2 Roll of Honour
Rank Name Service
Chief Engine Room Artificer Bro Duncan Barber Bennett Royal Navy
Eng Lieut Bro James Drummond Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve
Sgt WBro John Sowerby Royal Field Artillery & Royal Tank Corps
Bro Thomas Robert Barron Army
Bro John George Burn Army
Captain Bro Andrew James Clare Merchant Navy KIA 16-3-1941
Bro Lancelot Curry Army
Bro Peter Dennison Army
Bro William Fenwick Army
Bro George Henry Hall Army
Bro James Selby Baikie RAF
Motor Mechanic Bro William Leslie Goodale RAF
Bro Sydney Albert James RAF
Sergeant (Observer) Bro Alan Blacklock Lattimer 37 Sqdn. RAF Volunteer Reserve KIA 17-11-1940
Bro William Leak RAF
Bro Charles Gerald Marsh RAF
Bro Robert Leslie Smart RAF
Bro Thomas Robson Drummond Merchant Navy
Quartermaster Sergeant Bro John Joseph Ridley Dodds 2nd Bn Durham Home Guard
Bro Herbert Fletcher Donkin Home Guard
Bro George Gibson Jnr Home Guard
Bro Cyril Sommerville Rickerby 21st Bn Durham Home Guard
Bro Leon Emanuel Bergman National Fire Service
Bro Arthur Oglethorpe National Fire Service
WBro John James Bloomfield PPGOrg Civil Defence
WBro John William Palliser-Bosomworth Civil Defence
WBro Richard Henry Coleman Civil Defence
WBro Robert Curry Civil Defence
Bro George Palliser-Bosomworth Civil Defence
Bro Frederick Carter Civil Defence
Bro Robert William Davison Civil Defence
Bro Earnest Deakin Civil Defence
Bro Herbert Fenton Civil Defence
Bro George Hackett Civil Defence
Bro Moses Hailes Civil Defence
Bro George Wilfred Hall Civil Defence
Bro Thomas Milburn Laidlaw Civil Defence
Bro Jacob Levene Civil Defence
Bro George Robert Neat Civil Defence
Bro Joseph Ellison Neilson Civil Defence
Bro John Oglethorpe Civil Defence
Bro Joseph Tait Civil Defence
Bro William Arthur Joseph Turr Civil Defence

WW2 Roll of Honour
WW2 Roll of Honour