Walter Albert Winkworth


Bro. Walter senior’s death is reported in “The United Methodist”, the weekly journal of the United Methodist Church, of Thursday, June 16, 1927:

Mr. W. A. Winkworth, Salem, Newcastle-on-Tyne.

SALEM Church has received a number of heavy blows during the last few months. It has lost by death five members whose association with the church amounted in the aggregate to more than two centuries. Three of the five were related. Mrs. Sarah Gillings and Mr. Fred Simon, and now Mr. Walter Albert Winkworth, respectively daughter, son and son-in-law of the late Rev. Joseph Simon (M.N.C .). Mrs. Winkworth (fifth daughter of Rev. J. Simon) has been thrice, bereaved within six months. The loss to Salem is heavy indeed. Our departed friend was 70 years of age, and for over 45 years was a keen but unobtrusive member of the church. For more than 40 years he was in the service of the Post Office, retiring 12 years ago as assistant superintendent of telegraphs, Newcastle Office. In 1915 his son, Lieut. Walter Winkworth, was killed in action, and there is little doubt that this had an effect upon the father, who continued from that time in more or less robust health. About four months ago our friend contracted the illness from which he never recovered, and his constant cry towards the end was, ” Father, 0 Father, how long will this be? ” He received the news of the passing of his brother-in-law, Mr. F. Simon, as he lay ill. The service was held in the house, conducted by Rev. Norman Green (in the absence’ of Rev. Wilfrid Bourne) and Rev. J. B. Goodhand, of Heaton. The chief mourners included the widow, Mrs. Walter Winkworth, Captain and Mrs. Leonard Winkworth, son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. E. Capstaffe (daughter and son-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. Frank Simon, Mrs. Hatley, Mrs. Oliver, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Jamieson (Lesbury), Mrs. Laws, and Messrs. Edward Watson and Dodds.