2017 Craft Meetings

Lodge Temperance meets on the Third Tuesday of the month six times per year during the months  January, February, April, June, October and December.

17 January (2nd degree)

21 February (3rd degree)

18 April (1st degree)

20 June (Light Blues visit, Elections & 2nd degree)

17 October (Installation )

19 December (Social)

 We extend warm fraternal greetings to all and if you would like to visit Lodge Temperance please get in touch.

  2017 Coach Meetings

Lodge Temperance holds coach meetings on the Second Thursday of the month.

12 January (2nd degree)

9 February (3rd Degree)

9 March (F&GP)

13 April (1st Degree)

11 May (2nd degree)

8 June (F&GP & 2nd degree)

14 September (Installation & 3rd degree)

12 October (Installation )

9 November (F&GP)

14 December (Social planning)


W. Bro. K. Newman
Email: secretary@lodgetemperance.org.uk